Deliveroo delivers to the residents of WILD LIFE Sydney Zoo to mark World Animal Day


There are some kanga-rumours that Sydney's wildlife are about to be treated to the party of the season! In celebration of World Animal Day (Friday 4th October), WILD LIFE Sydney Zoo is hosting the ultimate party for its residents. With delicious food and a roaring guestlist, this party has all the koalafications to be a great one.

To satisfy the guests' stomachs as they unleash their wild side, zookeepers have called in Deliveroo to provide treats for all the animals including a specially prepared chicken from Sydney favourite Chargrill Charlie's for Rocky the 4.2 metre long Croc and a seasonal fruit platter for Princess the giant (and let's not forget seriously sassy and quite the fussy eater) Cassowary.

Whether it's a pouch potato of hay for Dot, Dusk and Dawn the resident Kangaroos or a peanut butter icy pole for Davey the Quokka, rest assured each guest will receive a ZOO-pendous delivery of their favourite food.

For guests wanting to know how to throw their own food and wildlife party, the WILD LIFE Sydney Zoo keepers will talk about the importance of World Animal Day and insights into the animal's diets for one day only, throughout the day on Friday 4th October.

World Animal Day is a day dedicated to improving the well-being of animals across the planet. This special party has been designed to bring much-needed attention to the crucial conservation efforts at the Zoo.

Joe Satari from Deliveroo said: "World Animal Day is a crucial time to raise awareness for all creatures big and small, all across the globe. We were honoured to accept the order from WILD LIFE Sydney Zoo to feed the animals and especially enjoyed Rocky's request to hold the spice rub on his Chargrill Charlie's order. It's time to find out if all these residents deserve the title of 'party animals.'"

Will Meikle, Head of Curatorial at WILD LIFE Sydney Zoo said: "World Animal Day is an important day for us to celebrate as we help make the world a better place for animals! We do this by raising awareness of the need to protect and conserve Australian wildlife. Partnering with Deliveroo, we are able to mark the day by providing a special treat for some of the residents we care for at WILD LIFE Sydney Zoo.

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