Deliveroo set to roll out hundreds of ‘virtual brands’ across Australia

Deliveroo set to roll out hundreds of ‘virtual brands’ across Australia

Deliveroo has today revealed how it is working with restaurants across Australia to create additional 'virtual restaurants'. Deliveroo uses its expertise to help restaurants create, test and bring to market new brands that would be only possible due to the nature of online delivery.

  • By the end of 2019, Deliveroo is set to have over 200 virtual brands across Australia
  • Restaurants who launched virtual brands in other markets have seen more than a 70% increase in revenues
  • This comes as Deliveroo hits 10,000 restaurants across Australia and has rolled out a host of measures to support restaurant partners

Creating virtual restaurants allows existing restaurants to increase revenue and customers by offering new or complementary cuisines from their current kitchen, but under new branding. Restaurants use existing kitchen staff and chefs but are able to save on food costs and cut wastage, a significant challenge in the restaurant industry.

A virtual brand appears as a separate restaurant on Deliveroo with a new identity driven by a new cuisine or menu offering. It means BBQ joints launching mexican menus, greek restaurants offering healthy protein bowls and your favorite pizza joint delivering gourmet wraps.

Deliveroo has thousands of virtual brands worldwide and these are now rolling out across Australia.

At a time when restaurants have faced increasing economic pressures, virtual brands kitchens provide the ideal environment for a restaurant to test new food brands with minimal costs or risk. Deliveroo works as brand consultants every step of the way offering restaurants access to data, research of food trends, details of local culinary gaps, and supports the brand with marketing support, testing and rapid consumer feedback.

Deliveroo partners with restaurants to create menus which will appeal to local audiences with pricing that will be attractive to consumers and uses in-house expertise to create branding and packaging optimised for the newly created dishes.  

Bondi Relish, a local favourite burger joint created their virtual brand specialising in breakfast wraps, Hangover Doctor, in 2017. Since launching Hangover Doctor on Deliveroo, they have seen an increase in revenue by 86 percent.

Sudeep Banstola, owner of Bondi Relish and Hangover Doctor said: "Operating our virtual brand Hangover Doctor with Deliveroo has been really invaluable to our business model. Not only has it allowed us to reduce our food costs by minimising wastage, we've been able to really make the most of our kitchen equipment and staff. On top of this, we've also seen an 86% growth in sales."

Levi Aron, Country Manager, Deliveroo Australia said: "Virtual restaurant brands are just one example of how at Deliveroo we're using data and technology to support our 10,000 restaurants across Australia. We're committed to working with our partners to provide new concepts and innovations, helping to support their growth and to provide customers with even greater choice. We know people want access to new and exciting foods, and this is exactly what virtual brands will help bring to neighbourhoods across Australia."

This comes as Deliveroo announces several new measures to support restaurant partners:

Perks programme. Deliveroo launched new Restaurant Perks program designed to help restaurants reduce costs and improve overall business and operational efficiencies. Partnerships with Tyro, Australian Online Printing, Sidekicker, Powershop and more offer Deliveroo restaurants discount access to essential business services. Perks focus on key restaurant sectors: utilities, recruitment, card payments, financial support, restaurant operations, and printing.

Restaurant Home. Deliveroo offers restaurants unique insights and data on how restaurants are performing. Restaurants can use this to learn how to improve their service and understand where their competitors have an advantage. This will be good for customers, who will get quicker orders, and good for restaurants themselves, who will increase their revenue through higher sales.

Restaurant Marketer. This initiative will give restaurants the ability to offer promotions to different customers themselves. Particularly in today's climate, restaurants are asking for more control of their business. Deliveroo has listened to this and is offering restaurants greater autonomy on the app.

Editions Share. This three-month trial will enable Editions restaurant partners in Australia to serve customers across multiple delivery platforms. Deliveroo led the way as the first platform to invest in delivery-only sites, helping restaurants grow their businesses and customers to reach new, exciting foods. Now, this trial could help restaurants to further grow their businesses and at the same time enable Deliveroo to attract more restaurants.

10,000 restaurants. Deliveroo has just announced that it is currently working with 10,000 restaurants across Australia.


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