Deliveroo launches Homeless Delivery initiative, partnering with 25 restaurants to deliver food to rough sleepers on Victoria

Leading online food platform, Deliveroo, has announced its latest initiative to help feed rough sleepers in Melbourne. Homeless Delivery is a new service that offers Deliveroo customers the option to donate $1.00 while ordering from participating restaurants to help those in need.

Australians spend over $2.6 billion1 on home food delivery every year, while at the same time, more than 116,0002 people are homeless and lack stable access to food.

Deliveroo saw the opportunity to transform the luxury of ordering home delivered meals to help assist the growing rate of people living without a steady home.

Deliveroo Australia, Head of Corporate Affairs, Joanne Woo said, "The initiative was born from the observation that 95 per cent of people experiencing homelessness have mobile phones, which is a lifeline as it gives them access to essential services. We also know that many Aussies want to help these people but don't know how.

"Homelessness is on the rise and is an issue that we must all tackle together to make an impact. Homeless Delivery provides a platform which allows our customers to give back to the community", added Woo.

One in every 200 Australians are homeless and can't afford food, while many Australians are fortunate enough that they can afford to spend extra money on the convenience of food delivered to their home.

Lighthouse Foundation is the first Melbourne based charity to team up with Deliveroo and collect meal vouchers from Homeless Delivery to distribute to its residents.

"As we're now in the thick of the colder months, it's important we get good quality meals into the mouths of those that need it most. Homeless Delivery has provided thousands of dollars in donations over the last eight months to those who have had experienced tough times," said Lighthouse Foundation CEO, Simon Benjamin.

Deliveroo is looking for more restaurants to get involved and help tackle youth homelessness as well as additional charities to join the initiative, where they can distribute meal vouchers directly to the rough sleepers' GPS location, which doesn't require a residential address.

There are currently 25 restaurants participating in the Homeless Delivery initiative which has already raised thousands of dollars and delivered hundreds of meals to the homeless. These restaurants include Royal Stacks, Poked, Nosh and Etta Pasta Bar.

To help support youth experiencing homelessness, select the Homeless Delivery item and add it your next Deliveroo order for a $1 donation towards a crowdsourced meal. Deliveroo will use the funds collected to provide the Lighthouse Foundation with $20 vouchers, who will hand these out to the homeless so they can use it to order a hot meal whenever they like.

For more information on the Homeless Delivery initiative, click here. 


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Each suburban Lighthouse home provides safety, therapeutic counselling and guidance for up to four young people, supported by two live-in carers and a dedicated team of psychologists and health professionals.

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