More Australians are choosing to eat healthy on Deliveroo’s food delivery platform

More Australians are choosing to eat healthy on Deliveroo’s food delivery platform

  • The number of healthy restaurants on the Deliveroo platform has doubled over the past two years.
  • More and more Australians are choosing to eat healthy: 40 percent more customers are choosing healthy options when ordering food delivery.
  • Deliveroo has revealed the top healthy foods in each state and the most popular healthy orders in Melbourne, Sydney and Brisbane.

Melbourne, 08 July, 2019: Leading online food delivery company Deliveroo has announced a commitment to driving healthy eating, with 40 percent of customers choosing healthier options on the platform - a trend that the company has seen grow since launching in Australia.

The move comes as Deliveroo has seen a doubling in healthy restaurants and options on the Australian platform over the past two years, with Deliveroo working in consultation with these restaurants to help bring customer attention to healthy options.

Poke bowls are increasingly the healthy option of choice for Australians, with orders up by 145 percent over the past two years nationally. In that same period, orders for sushi increased by 85 percent and salads by more than 60 percent.

In Melbourne, the most popular healthy order over the past year was Pokéd's Regular Poke, which has seen orders increase by 37 percent in the last 12 months, while Poké Me's Pulled Chicken Bowl and Veggie Delight Bowl have both seen 50 percent order increases in the last year.

In Sydney, local salad sensation Fishbowl's 'Build Your Bowl' remains the most popular healthy item, but Pokeo Bowls' 'Build Your Own' option has seen a significant order increase of more than 1300 percent since joining the Deliveroo platform 12 months ago.

In Brisbane, sushi is the healthy order of choice. Since launching on the platform almost a year ago, Sushi Kotobuki has seen its Crunch Chicken option increase by more than 1700 percent and it's Chicken Avocado option increase by over 1300 percent.

Deliveroo's data on healthy eating reflects findings from The Choosi Modern Food Trends Report which shows that 82 percent of Australians have changed their eating habits in the past five years, with 86 percent trying to be more health-conscious regarding their diet. Over one in two Australians claim to be eating healthier than they were five years ago.

Levi Aron, Country Manager of Deliveroo Australia, said: "Trends on the Deliveroo platform show that Australians are becoming more actively conscious of the food choices they make. While Aussies still love their favourite burgers and pizzas, we're definitely seeing the rise of healthy eating as online food delivery becomes a part of everyday life. We're seeing trends like 'vegan', 'farm-to-plate' and 'mindful eating' really take hold in this market.

"Deliveroo's outlook is simple: the way to eat healthy is by having more information and more selection. Consumers should have amazing food whenever and wherever they want it, but Deliveroo wants to also enable customers to be aware of what they're eating. We want to make it simpler, easier and quicker to find healthy meals on our platform.

"We are committed to working with our restaurant partners and nutritional experts to expand the healthy options available on our platform, and to empower consumers with making healthy choices."

Expanding the number of healthy restaurants on the platform.

Deliveroo already has an extensive and growing range of healthy options on its platform.

As part of the company's long term commitment to having healthy options for all occasions and at all price points, Deliveroo is working with hundreds of restaurants to help them create brand new healthy dishes and menus. This is part of Deliveroo's long-term commitment to broaden the company's selection to include more healthy dishes.

Alex Kleut, National Operations Manager at Poke Me said: "We know that we feel better when we eat well, so a healthy and balanced diet is crucial. We're passionate about making our menus not just healthy, but exciting and delicious. Our team are constantly experimenting and it's great to work with Deliveroo to break new ground in healthy eating".

Health trends by state

Deliveroo has revealed the top three healthy meals ordered in each state over the past two years:



New South Wales


South Australia







Burrito Bowl

Vietnamese Bún






Vietnamese Bún

Rice Paper Rolls





Acai bowls



Rice Paper Rolls

Most popular healthy orders in Melbourne, Sydney and Brisbane

Deliveroo has revealed the top three healthy order items across the three key markets of Melbourne, Sydney and Brisbane:






Poked - Regular Poke

Fishbowl - Build Your Bowl

Sushi Kotobuki - Crunch Chicken


Fishbowl - Regular

Pokeo Bowls - Build your Own

Sushi Kotobuki - Chicken Avocado


Hanoi Hannah - Poached Chicken Pho

Momo Bar - Build Your Own

Cheeky Poke Bar - Make Your Own Poke


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