You Go, Glen Cocoa


Bin your blankets because Deliveroo has the perfect solution for these frosty nights! To celebrate the 15th anniversary of EVERYONE'S favourite (and most quotable) movie, Deliveroo has teamed up with Max Brenner to bring you "Glen Cocoa".

These steaming mugs of grool cocoa will be available from Max Brenner on Deliveroo from Saturday 27th - Tuesday 30th April at $5 each. This is the ideal drink for die-hard fans who can relate to being excluded from receiving a candy cane.

The creamy, pure chocolate concoction will be available nationwide, but get in quick because a limit does exist! The Glen Cocoa's will arrive accompanied by movie quotes and candy canes - so keep your fingers crossed and pray you'll get "your mum's chest hair."

Deliveroo Communications Manager, Ellen Hunt: "With the anniversary of such an iconic film, we see no better way to honour it than with a nod to our favourite character, Glen Coco. It is the perfect incentive to stay at home watching the movie we all can't help but love, with a hot Glen Cocoa to keep you warm."

That's so fetch!

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