Celebrate Slayers Club with FREE* DOOMplings on Deliveroo

Celebrate Slayers Club with FREE* DOOMplings on Deliveroo

Pause your quest to invade hell, because Deliveroo has teamed up with Bethesda Softworks to bring you free* DOOMplings in celebration of DOOM Slayers Club.

Inspired by the blazing inferno in the award-winning game DOOM, these delectable steamed dumplings are red and black in colouring, consisting of a moreish pork filling. Thanks to Melbourne's China Bar, you can receive these exclusively via Deliveroo from Thursday 2nd May to Sunday 5th May.

Deliveroo Representative, "We're so excited to offer these luscious dumplings as a tribute to such a highly-acclaimed game franchise, fingers-crossed eating these delights will be as gratifying as playing the game."

Whether you've been fighting the legions of Hell since 1993, or unleashed your first Super Shotgun blast in DOOM 2016, it's time to give yourself an advantage - duelling the hordes of fiendish demons will always be better on a satisfied stomach!

*Gratify your fiery cravings for a $1 delivery fee, exclusively via Deliveroo (whilst stock lasts).

While you're enjoying your delicious treats, sign up to the exclusive DOOM Slayers Club HERE.

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