Deliveroo fuels up with the ultimate pit stop

Winner winner, chicken dinner

Just when you thought Christmas was the best day of the year, Deliveroo serves up the ultimate gift, Arnott's Shapes crumbed Fried Chicken.

Deliveroo has introduced an iconic partnership between Arnott's Shapes and infamous fried chicken restaurants across the country to create the ultimate Aussie lip smacker – Shapes Original Barbeque crumbed Fried Chicken. The exclusive Deliveroo menu item will be available from Monday, 17 September to Sunday, 7 October.

The food scientists from Deliveroo and Arnott's have spent weeks in the kitchen perfecting the ultimate fried chicken formula, marinating chicken tenders, rolling and coating in the finely crushed Aussie classic - Original Barbeque Shapes – resulting in a mouthwatering crispy fried outer layer.

This one-of-a-kind deal will be offered to customers based in NSW, VIC and QLD from .

Arnott's, Michelle Foley, Marketing Director said, "We are very excited to be offering our loyal Arnott's Shapes lovers the opportunity to try one of their favourite biscuits in a new and different way. In partnership with some iconic restaurants, we are sure Aussies will love the Shapes crumbed Fried Chicken, and what better way than to serve it up right to their door!"

Levi Aron, Deliveroo Country Manager, said "At Deliveroo we pride ourselves on innovation and food so when we have the opportunity to bring them together with amazing brand partners such as Arnott's, it provides our customers with exceptional food moments they can't experience anywhere else."

Deliveroo customers will be able to try this mouthwatering menu item from the below restaurants:




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