44% of Aussies report lunch theft by their work colleagues

44% of Aussies report lunch theft by their work colleagues

Almost 1 in 2 Australian workers have fallen victim to their lunch being swiped at work according to a recent study conducted by Deliveroo for Business, a service offered to businesses nationally. The survey concludes that a surprising 32 per cent believe a food and drink "thief" thrives in their office, while an additional 15 per cent think it could be more than one person helping themselves to their colleague's lunch and snacks.

According to the survey, 37 per cent claim someone has eaten their lunch in the last 6 months, with 19 per cent saying they believe they know exactly who the culprit is, whereas 36 per cent have an idea of who it is.

Additionally, the survey uncovers:

  • 1 in 5 have stopped bringing their lunch in fear of it getting stolen
  • 32 per cent find it a source of amusement when round-robin emails are sent around the office about stolen food
  • 17 per cent of Aussie workers are willing to share food that's been left in the fridge, including butter, milk or other foods

The survey revealed as many as 88 per cent of office workers have at some stage had their food swiped from the communal fridge, 12 per cent from their desk and 9 per cent have actually had their lunch taken while it was heating up in the office microwave.

When it comes to who is at the top of the list of potential suspects, 24 per cent say they think it's the person who sits next to them at work, 23 per cent insist it's the office junior and a further 14 per cent think it's the CEO.

A representative from Deliveroo For Business, said: "After delivering millions of meals to offices around the world, we've heard a lot of lunch larceny stories and are happy to offer a handy solution for businesses plagued by fridge pilferers".

How many workers admit to being a regular lunchbox thief? A low 8 per cent, while 13 per cent admit they have helped themselves to something that's not theirs from time to time. 14 per cent have taken a workmates sandwich, 27 have sneaked a biscuit that didn't belong to them and a scandalous 1 in 4 have even stolen a soft drink.

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