Deliveroo launches Restaurant Revival Team to give struggling restaurants a new lease on life

Deliveroo launches Restaurant Revival Team to give struggling restaurants a new lease on life

  • Deliveroo launches its Restaurant Revival Team to help struggling restaurants modernise and adapt to changing customer demands
  • Local cult favourite, Madam Kwong's Nyonya restaurant, among the first restaurants to be launched by the Editions Restaurant Revival Team
  • Restaurants at Deliveroo Editions see a sales growth, on average, of 150 percent

Melbourne, 1 October 2019: Deliveroo is today announcing the creation of a new team, its Restaurant Revival Team, which will help restaurants who have closed, or who are in financial difficulty, to review and reset their businesses to adapt to rapidly changing consumer demand.

This comes as Madam Kwong's Nyonya restaurant is being revived at Deliveroo's delivery-only Editions site in Collingwood. A cult Malaysian favourite, Madam Kwong operated in Box Hill for more than 8 years. However, in 2018 it was forced to close due to high rents, long leases and increasing costs. Now, Editions is set to give Madam Kwong's Nyonya another chance to trade and bring its amazing food to consumers.

Almost one year since launching its Editions site in Collingwood, the nine commercially equipped kitchens are at full capacity, represented by more than 35 brands. Deliveroo Editions provides restaurant partners with the opportunity to save on upfront capital investments since they do not need to commit to high rent costs enabling restaurants to serve a wider range of customers they otherwise would not have been able to reach.

The Deliveroo Restaurant Revival Team is headed by former restaurant owner Tim Talbot, who spends his time speaking with local restaurants about their concerns and coaching them on how to improve across their end-to-end operations: from product sourcing to managing profitability, menu development, branding and staff training.

The result of having an experienced restaurant consultant at Deliveroo has been significant. Restaurants at Deliveroo Editions see a sales growth, on average, of 150 percent.

Among them is Okamoto Fusion Sushi, whose weekly orders on delivery has tripled over the course of just two months after working with Tim to create a new virtual brand, Mr O's Sushi Tacos, which became more successful that his original sushi brand.

Kyle Okamoto, owner and restaurateur at Mr O's Sushi Tacos said: "In 2018 I launched my food truck business, Okamoto Fusion Sushi, because I love food and wanted to get something new and exciting into the food scene. The business was very seasonal and earnings were inconsistent.

"Starting a kitchen at Deliveroo Editions has helped my business grow. Since launching my brand on Editions, my business has grown by 30% and my weekly orders on delivery has tripled over the course of just two months. Return customers is what's keeping not only my brand alive but also the fire within us alive.

"It has been a partnership with Deliveroo - they have worked closely with me from the very beginning on operational set-up to branding and menu development. Through Editions, they've enabled me to expand to a new market without the steep establishment costs and enabled me to do what I'm good at - making creative and exciting food for the people of Melbourne".

Rose Chong, owner and restaurateur at Madam Kwong's Nyonya Restaurant, said: "Operating a restaurant today is very different to operating a restaurant ten years ago. Customer expectations are higher, competition is more aggressive, and running costs are so exorbitant that it strips your profit margins.

"When I was forced to close my restaurant down in Box Hill, it was very hard for me because I've known my customers for so many years, they have become friends.

"Being able to run a kitchen again without the steep set-up costs and re-launch my brand in a new market has been a huge boon for my business. Thanks to the Restaurant Revival Team at Deliveroo, I have managed to keep the core of my brand while revitalising my business to thrive in the new world".

Tim Talbot, Head of Deliveroo Editions, said: "There's a lot of talk about challenges in the restaurant sector and they are very real, but also very complex. To run a successful restaurant today, not only do you need to have a good product, but you have to think about your distribution channels, pricing, marketing, regulatory compliance, operational costs, whilst also tracking your competition.

"We're launching the Restaurant Revival Team because we want to see restaurants succeed and grow. Restaurants are at the heart of our business, we will always do whatever we can to help them thrive in the ever-changing consumer landscape".



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