Deliveroo offer riders tools, perks and online learning in boost to on-demand work

Deliveroo offer riders tools, perks and online learning in boost to on-demand work

  • Deliveroo launches new app for riders, Portify, designed to make financial management easier for its 6,500 riders across Australia
  • Portify lets riders see all the money-saving perks available to riders in their area including exclusive restaurant deals, discounted gym memberships and phone repairs.
  • Deliveroo has partnered with OpenClassrooms to provide free online learning for riders in Australia across a range of different subjects, which hundreds of rides are expected to take up

7 May 2019, Australia: Deliveroo has teamed up with UK fintech company, Portify, a digital tool that offers users support with skills development, online support with personal budgeting and access to a range of perks and rewards. This new app will be rolled out to over 6,500 self-employed riders that Deliveroo works with across Australia.

The Portify app gives riders access to valuable financial tools and is designed especially for those who work flexibly, ensuring they can manage their finances when they have multiple on-demand income streams.

Deliveroo offers flexible, well-paid work to riders. This type of support in financial management can be particularly beneficial to those who work in the on-demand economy, who often choose to have multiple income streams.

Portify is free for riders via a secure app and is being rolled out to all Australian Deliveroo riders in May. This follows a successful pilot over the past three months, where more than 12,000 self-employed riders have been testing Portify's financial tools and rewards in the UK and Ireland.

The tailored perks and support on the new Portify platform includes:

  • 60+ restaurant perks including Boss Burger Co in Geelong, Etto Pasta Bars in Melbourne, and Momo Bar in Sydney.
  • Perks and discounts with popular brands. Deliveroo and Portify are partnering to offer riders perks such as discounts on bike purchase and maintenance with the largest Australian-owned bicycle brand Reid, special pricing for on-demand daily scooter rental from Ridely and deals on other popular high street retailers.
  • Discounted access to QuickBooks Self-Employed which allows riders to easily categorise income and expenses, capture and match receipts, send invoices, and automatically track mileage so they can be more efficient come tax time

Crucially, these tools are 'portable' between jobs - meaning users can track their finances and inform their tax return across all income streams with the help of the Portify app. People who choose to work in the on-demand economy can choose when, where and whether to work and often have multiple income streams. This product is tailored to the needs of those who are increasingly making use of this new way of working.

Additionally, Deliveroo has announced a partnership with leading online educational and vocational training provider OpenClassrooms, giving riders access to hundreds of online courses – including Data, Design, IT and Marketing – to help build their personal and professional development. Throughout this partnership, riders can take an unlimited number of courses and obtain certificates, confirming newly acquired skills to bolster their CV. Hundreds of riders are expected to make use of these free online courses.

This partnership has also offered four Australian riders funding for online Bachelor's-level degree programmes from leading universities including an hour's mentorship each week with an expert in their chosen field of study and a guaranteed job in the field upon successful completion of their year-long coursework.

Commenting, Levi Aron, Country Manager for Deliveroo Australia said:

"There are over 6,500 riders who choose to work with us across Australia. On top of giving them great work, we want to also offer them additional security and support while protecting the flexibility that comes with self-employment. One of the key reasons riders choose work with Deliveroo is that they are able to be their own bosses.

"Portify and Open Classrooms are important initiatives that Deliveroo is introducing to provide more support to our riders - whether it's offering perks such as discounted coffee at selected restaurants or gym memberships, help with financial management or access to online learning programs to boost skills development.

"We are delighted that these initiatives will give riders greater ability to prosper via on-demand work and to develop life-long skills.

"Riders are at the heart of all we do and we want to provide more support for them - this is just one way we can make that happen."

Commenting, Dennis Peperkamp, Rider for Deliveroo Australia said:

"Working in the on-demand economy gives me the freedom and control to work where I want, when I want and with whoever I want. When a platform like Deliveroo offers more to its rider partners beyond opportunities to earn, it makes the work even more fulfilling.

"It's great to partner with Deliveroo and to know they are taking great care to make riding with them easier, as well as offering opportunities for riders to continue to upskill."



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