First Aid, Delivered

First Aid, Delivered

Deliveroo riders are renowned for delivering great food from Australia's best-known local restaurants, but now many of them will also have the skills to deliver first aid training through the delivery platform.

The delivery platform will provide up to 3,000 of their global network with access to First Aid Training, in order for their riders to become equipped with life-saving skills that can benefit the communities they work in.

The global initiative was set in motion after research commissioned by the British Red Cross in January 2018 showed that only 5% of adults have the skills and confidence to provide first aid in emergency situations.

Deliveroo hopes to reduce life-threatening situations as riders are a present and visible part of the communities they work in. The initiative was made clear when Deliveroo started to hear stories of heroic riders - whether it was rescuing customers from spiders or helping people who needed a hand as they went about their deliveries.

Country Manager, Levi Aron says: "Our riders are wonderful people who care about the community they work in. I'm thrilled to roll out this initiative in Australia which will equip riders with the confidence and first aid skills to help others in need."

Australian Red Cross Senior First Aid Trainer, Craig King said: "We all know that providing first aid can save lives, but without training, not everyone feels confident to act in serious situations."

"In the same way that everyone knows to call 000 when someone is unresponsive or seriously hurt, we need to make sure that people know what to do until the ambulance arrives. Australian Red Cross believes everyone should know these simple, yet vital first aid skills. Working with Deliveroo to train some of its riders in first aid will not only raise further awareness about the importance of first aid but could potentially help save lives."

Tim, a Deliveroo rider for 8 months, said: "We're on the streets a lot and you never know what you might come across and I want to be equipped to help if something were to go wrong in the community I'm working in."

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