Deliveroo elevates safety with new Rider Advisory Panel

Deliveroo elevates safety with new Rider Advisory Panel

  • Panel to give riders independent representation and a voice on safety issues
  • Ten riders selected from across Australia to advise Deliveroo on improving safety
  • Deliveroo to advocate to industry and government for better road safety on behalf of riders

Melbourne, 15 October 2019: Leading online food platform Deliveroo has announced the formation of a new Rider Advisory Panel that will focus on improving safety for Deliveroo's network of more than 8,000 riders across Australia. This is Australia's first rider-run panel established by a food delivery platform.

Designed to raise awareness of the safety issues riders face on the road and inform how Deliveroo can better address safety concerns, the Panel consists of 10 riders selected from across Australia who will connect regularly via monthly video conferences and an annual face-to-face workshop in Melbourne.

The riders on the Panel will use their experience riding with the company to discuss and propose new safety initiatives directly to senior Deliveroo staff. These will be considered by Deliveroo and could then form part of the company's approach to rider safety or could form a platform for Deliveroo to advocate to industry and government for improved road safety on behalf of riders.

In a recent survey, 41 percent of riders highlighted safety as one of their top concerns, citing better knowledge of delivery routes and road safety as their top two safety concerns.

Jodi Ingham, Head of Operations at Deliveroo Australia said: "It goes without saying that being safe on the road matters to our riders and matters to us. When we're speaking with our riders, they are telling us about road quality and access to cycling infrastructure among many other safety issues. That is why we are taking action by working with riders from across Australia to understand what safety concerns matter to them the most and how we can address these directly or advocate to those who can make a difference.

"Riders want to be more involved in initiatives that Deliveroo is working on and areas that directly impact them. This is about creating a platform that enables riders to have independent representation and a voice on an issue that is absolutely paramount to both Deliveroo and Deliveroo riders."

During the application phase for the Panel key safety concerns that were raised by riders included cycling-friendly infrastructure, access to bike repair and advice on safety equipment, adequate street lighting at night, road safety awareness education for riders, and a reporting system for riders who witness accidents or hazards on the road. Deliveroo will consider how it can address these issues and others raised by the Panel through its App, directly with riders, or through partner organisations like the Amy Gillett Foundation.  

Sheeraz Mohd who rides in Perth while completing a PhD in cancer research at Curtin Health Innovation Research Institute is one of the ten riders on the Panel. He said: "Riding with Deliveroo gives me amazing flexibility to work whenever I want and for however long I need. There are so many benefits, but safety is the most fundamental aspect of this type of work and there are definitely things that can be done to make riding safer. I'm really excited to be part of this Panel because it gives the riders a seat at the table to talk about issues that matter to us, and an opportunity to share what I've learnt on the road to help create a safer and better experience for all Deliveroo riders."

Deliveroo received an overwhelmingly positive response when it invited all riders across Australia to apply for the selection process, which resulted in over 130 applications.

Here are the Deliveroo rider advisory panel members:

  1. Harshit Ahluwalia, from Sydney, rider since April 2019
  2. Goutham Eede, from Melbourne - rider since December 2018
  3. Prashanth Suryapalli, from Melbourne - rider since November 2017
  4. Mario da Silva Jnr, from Sydney - rider since April 2019
  5. Sheeraz Mohd, from Perth - rider since August 2017
  6. Juan Carlos Guana Delgado, from Melbourne - rider since August 2017
  7. Calum Brayne, from Sydney, rider since October 2017
  8. Saadullah Kalwar, from Wollongong, rider since August 2018
  9. Samuel Santos Costa, from Brisbane - rider since June 2018
  10. Ave Fauzisar, from Canberra - rider since May 2018

Rider stories:

Sheeraz - Perth Sheeraz Mohd rides with Deliveroo while completing a PhD in cancer research at Curtin Health Innovation Research Institute. He believes rider safety is an important part of the whole delivery process and is passionate about improving safety for his fellow riders.

Saadullah  - Wollongong Saadullah suggests the implementation of a 'safety hotline' as a direct line to Deliveroo during or after an incident. Not to replace 000 but more so as a more immediate line of communication to Deliveroo so riders can notify Deliveroo of safety  concerns quickly. He also suggests to implement a reminder to customers to secure their dogs when ordering food (much like Australia Post).

Harshit - Sydney Harshit is very excited to be part of the safety advisory panel. He is currently studying Psychology  and has decided to tackle the issue of rider safety from a psychological perspective. He wants there to be access to training sessions (in person or via video) from time to time, covering aspects of driving rules and road safety. He believes that riders need to be reminded that their safety is the first priority.

Calum - Sydney Calum has been riding with Deliveroo for two and a half years while he has moved up and down the east coast. His suggestion is pretty simple, educate the riders in proper 'road craft'. Particularly riders on two wheels, this could improve their knowledge of lane positioning and when to slow down. He would like the panel to incorporate basic road safety strategies for newly onboarded riders.

Juan Carlos Delgado - Melbourne Juan absolutely loves riding with Deliveroo as he fits it around his studies to become a mechanic. His suggestion is to educate the public about being more careful around food delivery riders and two wheelers in general.

Mario - Sydney Mario arrived in Australia about 6 months ago from Brazil to learn English. He immediately began working with Deliveroo. Back home he is a health and safety consultant and would love to use his skills to make riding safer through education.


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